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Sorted is a minimalistic, yet awesomely powerful day planner for the productivity obsessed.

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sunglasses Sorted at a glance

Inbox Store and organise

Brain dump your tasks and ideas into the Inbox to quickly clear your mind. When you have time, move and organise them into separate lists one by one or in batches.

You can use lists for projects or something as simple as a groceries list.

When you are ready to schedule your tasks, simply select and tap the calendar. It's that quick and easy.


Checkbox Plan and execute

We've designed Sorted to make planning super quick. When planning a schedule is this easy and dare we say fun, there is no reason to skip this important step.

Schedule multiple tasks with our time ruler, multi-select and pinch gestures. It's quick and painless to come up with a plan you can execute in seconds.

Why should you schedule your tasks?


Stopwatch Instant feedback

Things don't always go according to plan. Especially in our modern connected life.

Sorted makes it easy to get instant feedback to changes in your schedule without having you jump through hoops.

Easily maintain perspective on your schedule, gain better insight on your time and master even your most hectic days.


GiftBox Packed with useful features

Calendar Calendar Integration

Schedule your tasks around your calendar events in one unified and highly interactive list.

Tap on a calendar event and see the necessary details without jumping to another app.

Calendar events remain in sync with Apple Calendar and whatever calendar source you have setup. Be it Google calendars or iCloud.


Siri Siri Integration

Sorted integrates with Siri through our Reminder Capture feature.

Turn on Reminder Capture, then pick among the lists available in Apple Reminders and Sorted will do the rest.

* Sorted will pull in and remove the items from any Apple Reminder lists you specify.


Flag Emoji Flags

Use emoji flags as a fun way to add priority and context to your tasks.

You can customise the emojis at your disposal within Sorted's settings and adapt to your work style and needs.

Use 🏡 for tasks at home or 💼 for tasks at the office.

Use ❗ to mark priority or ⭐️ to mark the top three must complete tasks for your day.


Repeat Icon Repeating Tasks

Handle repetitive tasks like a pro. By choosing from a list of useful predefined settings or go crazy with our powerful custom repeat options.

Whether you want to remind yourself to pay your bills or need something much more complex, you'll find something to meet your needs.


Clipboard Lists and Schedule

Jump between list mode and your schedule anytime you want. All without losing your place.

We've designed Sorted minus deeply nested navigation. So you can quickly access all the right information quickly.


Hand 3D Touch

For iOS devices that supports 3D touch, hard press a task and find additional shortcuts to make quick work of scheduling your tasks and organising your lists.

Quickly move items to the top or bottom of any list or throw them to the next or previous day with a press and a swipe.


Alarm Clock Auto-Snooze

For those who tend to miss notifications. We have something for you too.

Turn on auto-snooze and pick a duration. Sorted will then repeat any notifications you've missed at least five times or until you handle them.

Helping to ensure you never miss an important task notification.

iPhone auto-snooze settings

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  • URL Scheme
  • Apple Watch
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