Schedule your events, tasks and notes into a beautiful timeline.

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Sorted on iPhone and Apple Watch Sorted on iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch

I purchased Sorted 2. Do I have to purchase Sorted³ again?

No. As a thank you for your support, we've made Sorted³ a free unlock for Sorted 2 Pro users.

How do I redeem my free unlock for Sorted³?

Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you have Sorted 2 installed and updated to at least version 2.9.
  2. Open Sorted 2 and check under settings that the status is Sorted Pro (if not, then choose restore purchase in Sorted 2).
  3. Download and install Sorted³.
  4. Open Sorted³ and choose "Free Unlock" during onboarding or go into the "Purchase Pane" in settings and then choose "Free Unlock" from there.

Note: Restore Purchase will NOT work, until you have chosen Free Unlock earlier.

Why should I schedule stuff?

The world's most productive people schedule their day purposefully to maximize success and strike a balance in their lives. However, don't listen to just us. Check out these articles that has inspired our creation of Sorted³:

If you wan't even more information about scheduling, download Sorted³ and check out our in-app productivity guides. They are available even after the 14-day free trial and the concepts in them apply whether you choose to use Sorted³ or not.

Wouldn't scheduling be stressful?

Scheduling when done right helps you reduce stress and strike a balance between work and play. It does come down to what you choose to prioritize when making your schedule. Checkout our in-app guide titled "Stress-Free Scheduling" for more details.

The UI reminds me of Things 3?

Things 3 indeed did a great job at bringing the "Expanding from Context" UI to iOS. We believe it's a great UI/UX direction along the lines of Google Inbox, Storehouse and those mentioned in UX articles such as this.

Our philosophy is simple. Provide the best "state of the art" UX to our users, to ultimately help promote scheduling as a positive daily routine to as many people as possible.

Where is Sorted³ for macOS?

We started releasing the first beta of macOS version. If you would like to participate, please sign up here. We will send you the beta in the next batch.

When will it become available in the App Store?

We don't have an estimate yet.

One thing for sure, we are working hard on it and this is our top priority.

Will there be Web / Android / Windows app?

We have plans for those, with the priority of Web, Android, then Windows.

Our current top-most priority is macOS App.