Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sorted support iCloud?

Yes. Sorted syncs your reminders via iCloud CloudKit service. All information synced is kept private and secure by Apple.

Does Sorted for iOS support Background App Refresh?

Yes. Whenever Background App Refresh launches Sorted, Sorted will connect to CloudKit and ensure your reminders are always kept up to date.

Does Sorted work with the Reminders app on iOS / OSX?

As of Version 1.5 Sorted now has Reminders Integration. Import lists over to Sorted and use Siri to easily add reminders onto Sorted!

Does Sorted Have Calendar Integration?

Currently in Version 1.5, Sorted does not support any Calendar Integration.

However this highly demanded feature is currently under development and will be included in our next major patch update, Version 2.0.

Why Do Repeated Reminders Not Show Future Occurrences?

In Sorted, you may be wondering if it is a bug that you can only see the most recent task of your repeated reminders and not any of the future occurrences.

This is actually by design, Sorted will only show the most immediate occurrence of your Repeated Reminders.

We have had many requests on showing all occurrences on the Calendar perhaps as an option in Settings. This is something that will be worked on in future patches.

Why schedule tasks?

Behavioral studies show that scheduled tasks are more likely to get done.

Scheduling also forces us to consider our most limited resource: TIME! This helps us prioritize what we should and can do in a day.

Does Sorted follow any task management approaches?

Sorted was built on the following concepts:

The tickler file system (aka GTD filing system, 43 folders)
Scheduled tasks gets done
Quick and simple is better than overly complex systems

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